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Duration: Takes approximately 5 days to complete

The Cullinan Gold

  • Duration

    Experience automotive excellence with our Cullinan Gold. Elevate your vehicle's allure with a premium ceramic coating, creating a shield of lasting protection and an unrivaled, mirror-like finish. Unleash the brilliance.


    • 14-stage exterior decontamination
      (Paint​, wheels, engine bay)

    • Wheels-off detail

    • Multi-stage paint correction (95%)

    • 3-year Nasiol ZR53 ceramic coating

      • Paint​ and trim 

      • Wheels and calipers

    • ​Wheel, engine bay and trim revive and dressing

    • Stage-3 interior detail

      • Vacuum and dusting​

      • Vent cleaning

      • Crevice detailing

      • Steam cleaning

      • Interior shampooing and dressing

      • Leather cleaning and conditioning

      • Carpet and foot-well wet extraction

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